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Code Name B-Case

Missing: December 2006
Found: July 2007
In December of 2006, The mother was only following a court order to send her two children, seven-year old daughter and three-year old son, to visit with their father in Kansas, Missouri. No more than 1 month later in January of 2007, the father refused to return her two children to their home in Hawaii.

In March 2007, Mom went to Kansas City, Missouri to pick up her children. Unfortunately she was only able to return with her daughter. Mom filed for full custody of both children while the father continued to make promises to return her son. She feared the father never planned on making good with his promises.

In July 2007, the Missing Child Center-Hawaii received a lead informing them where her son could be found. After a few phone calls to Georgia authorities, her son was picked up by law enforcement and turned over to Georgia Child Protective Services (CPS).

Mom was expected to return to Georgia with only a couple of days notice since Georgia CPS would only release her daughter to her. After spending thousands of dollars to pay for lawyer fees to recover both her children Mom was left with only $100 in her savings, unable to return to Georgia to pick up her son.

With the help of the Friends of the Missing Child Center-Hawaii and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Mom was able to afford to go to Georgia and pick up her son. The three have now been reunited and are adjusting back to life as a family of three.







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Charlene Takeno
(808) 586-1449

Veronica Garcia
(808) 586-1449

Board of Directors

Pamela Ferguson-Brey
Executive Director, Hawaii State Crime Victims Compensation Commission

Jo-Anna Herkes

Communications Specialist Project Manager, SSFM International, Inc.

Nancy Marker
Educational Specialist, University of Hawaii Social Science Research Institute

Sara Platte, APR
Public Relations Counselor/Consultant, Sara Platte Public Relations and Marketing

Stephanie Price
President, Hawaii Realty Group

Lisa Yogi
Professor, Honolulu Community College

Advisory Board

Mari Ishii, CPA
Tax Manager, Grant Thornton LLP

Melinda Mullis
Principal, OrangeRoc

James Kerr
President, SuperGeeks

2009 Incoming Board Members

Taryn Bundalian
Account Manager, Hawaiian 105 KINE/AM 940 KKNE


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