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Missing Boy Found After 34 Years,
Steve Carter Tells His Story

Published and Recorded in April 2012

A web search led Steve Carter to a shocking discovery: he went missing as a child. Now he's piecing together his past and connecting with family he never knew.

Listen to The Morning MIX Interview ->

Internet-Addicted Teens Face Higher Depression Risk

SEPTEMBER 14, 2010

The risk of becoming depressed is 2.5 times higher for teenagers who are addicted to internet use than for those who aren't, according to a study led by Lawrence T. Lam of the School of Medicine, Sydney, in Australia. Some 6.2% of the participants — Chinese teens aged 13 to 18 — were found to be "pathological" internet users, says a report in Bloomberg Businessweek ->

The Trifecta of Skyrocketing Stress for Tweens and Teens:

Bullying, The Media and Social Networking:

Although this trifecta impacts both genders, it is especially toxic for girls [send an email and I'll send you an excerpt]. I've had to stop the printing of the new edition of How Girls Thrive to put in this data and the beginning of a response for teachers and parents about how to equip girls to handle this cyber toxicity. That's how important and pervasive this timely issue is.
I hope you'll join with me in using this article to have conversations with our growing girls [and boys] to help them deal with unprecedented social stress in their lives.

I know this is a busy time of year, but I wanted to encourage everyone to use this article and this "teachable moment."

JoAnn Deak, Ph.D.
The DEAK Group
www.DEAKgroup.com ->
How Girls Thrive: order now for summer reading- see website!

Digital Nation

Frontline aired a special Digital Nation. Watch it Online Here->

Study Hopes to Shed More Light on Internet Crimes Against Children

Published on February 24, 2010
Ka Leo O Hawaii: UH Manoa Student College Newspaper & Media

It’s not easy to find statistics about Internet crimes against children. The most recent study available is from 2005, in which a University of New Hampshire report found that about one of every 25 children have received a sexual solicitation to meet offline or a request to take sexual photographs of themselves.


4 Men, Woman Charged in Online Sex Trafficking

Published on February 19, 2010 By Rob Shikina

Four men and a woman face federal charges of prostituting a 16-year-old girl and posting her services online on Craigslist.

Marcus Arrington and Anthony Fuller pleaded not guilty yesterday in federal court during their initial appearance to answer several charges of sex trafficking of a minor. The state is transferring the case to federal court where they could get longer prison sentences.


Too Much Screen Time? Or Just More of the Right Kind?

Posted by Jen on February 17, 2010 - PBS

Over the last 72 hours, Madeleine, age 11, has won first prize in a high end fashion show, successfully completed knee surgery, finished the rehab project on her new room, provided edgy commentary about issues surrounding Miley Cyrus's fame and celebrity and decided turnip farming really isn't her thing anymore.



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Maile GilbertMaile Gilbert

Tip Gilbert speaks about his daughter 6-year-old Maile, who was abducted from her Kailua home in 1985 by a family acquaintance and killed. SEE MORE

Sarah 'Dowsha' Elgohary

Sarah "Dowsha" Elgohary

Sarah "Dowsha" Elgohary has been missing since May 27, 1997. She was taken by her father to Egypt. Sarah’s mother has never given up, going to Egypt twice to get her back. During one visit, her mother received custody in the Egyptian courts, only to lose it on an appeal. Egyptian officials tell us that Sarah does not speak or understand any English anymore. At one time, the father had her believing her mother was dead.

Daniel and Noel Santiago

Daniel and Noel Santiago

Daniel and Noel Santiago have been missing since July 12, 2002. The boys disappeared with their father with no trace.

Therese Vanderheiden Walsh

Therese Vanderheiden Walsh

Therese Vanderheiden Walsh has been missing since June 22, 1990. Therese was taken from her daycare at the age of six. Therese would be 28 years old this year. Therese’s father never gave up looking for her, whenever he was at an airport he would scan the faces of all the little girls with blonde hair. Therese’s father died a few years ago, people say he died of a broken heart, never to see her daughter again.


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Steve Carter

Missing: 1977
Found: 2012


Ariel Martinez

Missing: 1991
Found: 1994



Missing: March 1996
Found: June 2004


Code Name B-Case

Missing: December 2006
Found: July 2007


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